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NoJSe – short for Nordic Junior Sessions – is a Nordic project and platform that seeks to promote quality film and media content for young audiences across the Nordic countries. NoJSe is for the audience to discover, for the industry to debate and for knowledge to be shared.


–– Promotion and showcase of Nordic film and culture for a young audience across borders


Creating accesibility


A corner stone in Nordic Junior Sessions is the dissemination of high quality film and media content – for both education and entertaiment. NoJSe presents a co-curated programme of new Nordic shorts, which travels across the collaborating countries to be showcased at each partner festival. After the showcases, the films are made available for free online streaming for educational use. The short film programme is presented at each festival alongside a strong Nordic line-up of quality feature film.

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–– Knowledge sharing focusing on audience development and distribution of Nordic content across the Nordic countries


Research and knowledge


NoJSe will initiate research and share knowledge across and between the partner festivals throughout 2020. All knowledge will be collected to be made available to interested stakeholders through the NoJSe platform.

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–– Nudging the Nordic film industry


Industry dialogue


NoJSe wants to reach out to the Nordic film industry and new talents, to raise relevant topics and questions on the comtemporary production of Nordic content for young audiences. We will do this by initiating a series of talks and seminars across the partner festivals in 2019 and 2020.
In 2019 the first Nordic Junior Sessions will take place at BUFF in March and BUSTER in September.

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