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The Nordic Region shares a lot when it comes to both culture and (film-)language. Nordic films for young audiences have a long tradition of delivering quality at eye level. But the focus on production of serial films and adaptations during the last decade or more, has led to less original stories making it to both big and small screens, just like studies show that Nordic films are lacking reach and distribution in their neighboring countries.

We see a basic need to enhance the originality of the cinematic stories we tell our children in the Nordic region, and we are eager to help ensure this in the future. In short, we want to make some NoJSe [noise].

That's why we have created Nordic Junior Sessions – shortened NoJSe – a Nordic collaboration between four well-established film festivals focusing on young audiences: BUSTER (DK), BUFF (SE), Barnefilmfestivalen (NO) and Oulu International Children's and Youth Film Festival (FI).


NoJSe is

… a transnational platform for exploring and generating dialogue about Nordic children’s and youth culture through film and media.

… aiming to create Nordic cultural exchange through high-quality film for young audiences, that explore contemporary and relevant themes such as neighboring languages, diversity and media culture.

… wanting to put Nordic film and media content for young audiences back on the radar of young consumers, as well as the Nordic film industry.

… generating professional knowledge-sharing about targeting young audiences and pan-Nordic distribution.



NoJSe is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund and
Nordic Culture Point / Nordic Council of Ministers from 2018 - 2020.